Northern or Edinboro' Uprights

These are very attractive sets with tall columns, and are interchangeably called Northern or
Edinborough (Edinboro') Uprights.

Staunton wrote in the ILN on 11 Nov 1849 that he believed the Edinboro’ was designed
for the Edinburgh Club by Lord John Hay. The maker Hallett advertised upright sets in
As usual, many makers made Edinboro’ uprights that are virtually identical.
The ones below appear to be a genuine Jaques. In particular, the tops of the kings are
identical to those advertised by Jaques in both the Pattern book and in an 1881 advertisement.
Also they have the correct domed or sloping bases, depending on wood or ivory construction.

91 mm king.

The knights are very typically Jaques.

Boxwood and ebony, if anything less common than the ivory.