In Statu Quo Travel Sets

The In Statu Quo Sets have an ingenious locking mechanism, explained in the original instructions, to give sets that were on portable boards taht could be used on boats and trains.

They came in leather cases that are usually missing or have had their closing flaps detached. This one is for a 9 inch square set. The captured pieces fit into the half-round tube down one side. It is in as good condition as you will ever find. Other cases were rectangular, especially for boards that had rows of extra holes for fitting the captured pieces. Some of these had a sliding device indicating whether red or white was to move.

The sets came in two sizes, the 9 inch square or the very rare 13 inch square. Pieces are either bone or, rarely, ivory. The ivory pieces had to be purchased separately.

This 12.5 inch can be dated within a few years. It is signed Jaques and Son, Patentees, London and also impressed 'Fisher, 188 Strand'. This set is 1860-62 as Jaques son joined the firm in 1860. It was  made within the first 10 years of the introduction of this design and has the earliest style pieces. The king is 1 inch tall.