3.5" weighted set in hinged lid box 1860-70 "Anderssen"

Note the label. It has the 1862 Prize Medals, AND "Boxwood and Ebony". This dates it to between 1862 and about 1865, when Jaques dropped "Boxwood and Ebony" etc on labels. This set and box along with earlier examples shows that the Anderssen varieties were made concurrently between about 1855 and 1865, and the normal Anderssen did not necessarily predate the drop jaws.

The set has very fine pieces. The pawns are exquisite. All pieces have the original felts, and it has come from a private house and has not been "restored".

The knights are quintessential Anderssen, upright and aggressive. They are very well matched for early knights.

The bishops are the correct for the period, with wide mitres.