Jaques 3.5" (89 mm) Ivory Sets

Jaques 3.5" ivory tournament sized sets were introduced in 1849, sold in Carton Pierre caskets with
white labels underneath that were individually handsigned and numbered by Staunton. The price was
£5-5-0 (£5 25p).

This set is very early 1849/50, as seen from the tooling under the lid and early registration sticker. These
sets have a curved J.Jaques signature stamped unde the king, as opposed to straight line Jaques after 1850.

There were several different styles of knights in the first year. These are what I consider the finest. Even 
these, obviously carved by the same hand, differ slightly from each other in size and proportion.

A good example of an early label for these sets.  Note the distinctive crown stamps that were used in 1849/50.
There were other knights.

The top ones have been found in sets marketed by Leuchars. But, they are also found in caskets without
Leuchars stamps in the box or impressed into the label. These are identical to those found some 50-70
years later in Cantonese sets. They do look like horses made by Ming Dynasty Chinese potters. The bottom
pair is in the earliest known entered number ivory set. These are not of particularly good quality carving.

The next generation had excellent knights.

Above, about 1852, found in the early 3000s entered numbers.

The same style in 4.4" club size, again about 1852.

By 1855, the knight changes again, not quite as well carved. The knights from now on have a more
upright neck.

The ivory sets maintained an excellent standard of carving, as seen in the following set, which dates